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Q: What should we do with funds that were previously allocated funds for a 529 plan?

We live in New Jersey where there is no tax benefit for using a 529 plan. Is it worth investing the money we would have put towards a 529 plan in other areas, for example mutual funds or ETFs? Should we choose a different state's 529 plan?


Do I have to complete a FAFSA?

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Q:How can I qualify to earn reduced or free college tuition to further my education?

Naughty and Nice Recap...


All in all, 2015 was a great year.  Our Class of 2015 received $5,855,966 in gift aid! We can’t take all the credit.  We worked with many diligent and talented students and some families in the sweet spot for need-based aid.  We just helped them get the highest awards possible.


Finance Lessons for Your Teen

The current economic environment has caused most everyone to reconsider their personal finances with many people having to drastically change their spending and savings habits. Out of this economic malaise may come an opportunity to finally instill the right habits in your teens that can carry them into adulthood on the right financial footing.

The Trouble with College Net Price Calculators

The Trouble with College Net Price Calculators

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