Student Scholarship Training Program

Student Scholarship Training Program

The Student Scholarship Training
Program Includes:

  • Complete 17–Step Scholarship Program with Face-to-Face Training,
  • Comprehensive Program Materials, and
  • A Highly Effective Student Accountability Session

The program has been professionally designed to teach your student how to find and win scholarships to cut the cost of college!


Developing a Winning Game Plan:
Learn from the examples of past scholarship winners as they reuse and recycle their written materials, bridge multiple applications with one essay, and “play the numbers game” to win!

Who Can Win Scholarships?
Discover the wealth of awards open to students of all different ages, including; high school, college, graduate, and returning adult students.

Scholarship Search Secrets:
Discover how to tap into school and community resources, maximize search results when using internet databases, and employ other strategies for “following the scholarship breadcrumb trail.”

Exploding Scholarship Myths:
Explore the biggest misconceptions about college scholarships, including why the range of interests and credentials recognized by scholarship providers is broader than you think.

Stake Your Scholarship Claim Now!
Learn the secrets of success from the common link among all scholarship winners to how the process can help you grow as a person and ultimately transform your life.

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