Naughty and Nice Recap…

Naughty and Nice Recap…

All in all, 2015 was a great year.  Our Class of 2015 received $5,855,966 in gift aid! We can’t take all the credit.  We worked with many diligent and talented students and some families in the sweet spot for need-based aid.  We just helped them get the highest awards possible.

Here is our recap, in the hopes that our celebrations and frustrations prove valuable to you going forward:

First, the nice: 

Hampshire College – met 100% of demonstrated need with gift aid.
Stanford University – met 100% of demonstrated need with gift aid.
Baylor, Bentley and Haverford – all gave generous awards that included $5,500 in Stafford Loans and $1,800-$2,800 in work study.

Now, the naughty:

xxxxx University – e-mailed a client they will not meet demonstrated need for non-Indiana residents. 
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx – e-mailed a client that they do not meet demonstrated need, and will understand if the student must choose another college – which she did.
University of xxxxxx – met demonstrated need with 100% PLUS Loan beyond a federal Pell Grant. The loan represented over 50% of a single mom’s income, and shattered the student’s dream of attending.

US Department of Education – changed from FAFSA Pins to FSA ID’s before many incoming freshmen and parents were able to link their FAFSAs to the IRS.

Call the office if you would like the identity of the colleges on the “Naughty List”