Jay Murray has been a lifesaver for me during one of the hardest period in my life.  My husband passed away leaving my family (myself and my 2 boys) financially strapped.  At this point, college was not an option for us.  Jay came along side us and guided us through the daunting FAFSA process.  He embodies what every financial adviser for college should be.  His knowledge extends far beyond FAFSA and the financial process.  He offered perspective and advice on each of the colleges we were considering for engineering, as well as what we could expect for financial assistance.   Without Jay’s immeasurable knowledge, perseverance and guidance, my son would not have had the wonderful opportunity to attend the university he is currently at.  I strongly recommend Jay for anyone who wants to maximize their financial opportunities and reduce stress during this overwhelming process.  Thank you Jay! J.K.

Jay with Solutions for Tuition is brilliant.  Had I hired him to review my CSS/FAFSA rather than visiting after I submitted, my kids would’ve gotten more financial aid. 

He was easily worth the hourly fee and saved me many times that amount in college tuition for my twins.  With one child at Whitman and one at Smith, Jay was able to provide me direction, explained an error from when I filled out and submitted the FAFSA/CSS, and gave me terrific advice for how to handle the error with each school.  He even knew the difference between how the two schools view my assets so I could make better financial decisions without adversely impacting my kids’ financial aid.  As a single mom getting the kids through school, his help was invaluable. 

I feel fairly financially savvy.  Yet, I took their questions too literally and made a mistake on the FAFSA/CSS that cost my kids money. He has mastered the insanely complex world of financial aid. I cannot recommend Jay enough.  E.C.

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